Munro: Beinn Dubchraig

Height: 977 m / 3204ft

OS Map: 50

Picture: View from Summit of Ben Oss and Ben Lui

It was a strange experience doing some walking and getting a sun tan. Scotland is not known for overly sunny conditions which had me in a state of confusion as to what gear I take so I took everything, winter jacket, fleeces, gloves, mittens, hat, scarf and crampons and soon after I had started off I regretted it. The Munro that I was trying was Beinn Dubchraig (Ben Doo-craig), one which I had attempted last summer and failed to get to the top. This time more prepared I was determined to do better. The Munro is situated just outside Tyndrum and I parked the car at a small car park at Dailrigh. The trickiest part of the Munro is the lower section of it. From the car park I followed the track over the bridge to the railway line. From there you get a good view of the Munro in front of you. However before you can get on to the main part of the Munro you first have to cross a small river, get through some boggy ground, great clumps of heather, trees, undulating ground and a couple of high fences. From there it’s boggier, undulating, heather and tree infested ground. Once you are clear of that this Munro becomes a whole lot easier. I managed to fight my way onto the ridge of Beinn Dubhchraig which took me just under two hours to do. From the ridge I was standing at the top of the Munro in half an hour.

From Beinn Dubhchraig I had considered going up Ben Oss however time was against me and I needed to descend to get home in time. I’ll return to Ben Oss one day however I won’t look forward to the first section of the walk.


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