Lost in the Mist - Friday 23rd Oct

I parked in a lay by at the shore of Loch Tay not far from Killin to attempt a couple of Munros which always seem to elude me every time I’m around this area of the country. The weather signs were not good as I trampled through a bracken strewn field and jumped three fences to get onto the main farm track. There was a bank of mist hovering a hundred meters higher up obliterating any signs of the hills. I carried along the track to its end near a wee dam, which also served as the base of the Munro Meall Greigh. I could see nothing except mist. Venturing further up I reached a fence which followed the contour of the hill. I followed it knowing that I should use my map and compass. As I ascended the visibility got worse and the track muddier and thoughts turned to the fact I should have stayed at home. After 3 hours of slog I finally reached the top which just amounted to a small cairn surrounded by mist. It was worthwhile although I almost got lost again on the way down when I decided to follow another track entirely. I would later read that this Munro can be difficult to navigate in bad weather – oh really!


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