The Glenshee Three

I decided to spend the first weekend of my holidays with a wee trip up to Glenshee to have a look at the Cairnwell. The actual start of my holiday was Thursday and I had headed up to Killin to do some hill walking, however I was met by terribly wet weather condition and so I had to abandon those plans, typical! So Glenshee it was with the intention of doing The Cairnwell, Carn Asoda and Carn a'Gheoidh, in that order. Starting at the Ski car park I was tempted by the cable car which took you to within 20m of the summit of The Cairnwell. Having resisted that temptation I decided to change track, literally and tackle Carn Asoda first. I made my way up the obvious bulldozed tracks and following the ski lift equipment I got to the rocky summit in 45 minutes. This is a record for me and gave me the false sense of thinking I was fitter and I thought i was (I'm not). From there I followed the obvious track down to the col between Carn Aosda and The Carinwell. Instead of heading straight up The Cairnwell I decided to ascend Carn a' Gheoidh. My only reason was it looked a little sunnier than the other munro at the time. The path to the summit of Carn a'Gheoidh is straightforward and you get good view of Carn Asoda and The Carinwell. I managed to get to the top in 53 minutes from leaving the first Munro. I then doubled back to the col and up The Cairnwell, following again the cant-miss-'em track past the cable car to the messy summit of The Cairnwell. In all a good day out with fine weather and views and very accessible mountains.


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