Intros and what's to come...

I have been a hill walking for about twelve years, starting off at a local walking club in Dumbartonshire before making earnest attempts at getting lost by venturing out on my own. In 2003 I completed the West Highland Way in five days, despite the fact I burst the soul of my heavy walking boots on the second day. Running repairs using gaffer tape didn’t work so I was left with one wet foot for the duration of the walk. To compound matters I had decided to buy what was called a “Festival” tent for the walk which was about as waterproof as a sponge and had a pack weight of a baby elephant. In 2005 I walked a section of the Ulster Way starting in Belfast and working my way up the along the coast to the Giant’s Causeway, which took about eight days in total. I would have added pictures to this site however I lost my camera on route. If anyone picked it up at the Giant’s Causeway you can let me know.

Looking ahead and one of the reasons for getting this site up and running was for my latest venture this summer, the Southern Upland Way. It’s a long distance walking route (212 miles) which crosses the width of Scotland from Portpatrick to Cockburnspath.


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